Are You Living In Georgia’s Safest City?1 min read

by Idya Realty March 24, 2017

Are you living in Georgia’s safest city? If you’re not you may be living in one of the other 49 cities that made the list of the possible 535 Georgia cities.

John’s Creek came in #1 for Georgia’s safest city.

Top 50 Safest Cities in Georgia


Milton, GA came in a close second with Tyone, GA rounding out the top 5 safest cities in Georgia. “You might think that safe equals small, but this is actually the ninth largest city in the state, boasting over 300 acres of parks and recreation space. With a population of 84,655 and only 33 violent crimes, Johns Creek bears witness to one of the lowestcrime rates in the country. Combine this with a property crime rate of only 6.4 per 1000 folks and you’re looking at an incredibly safe space. The citizens of this city won’t have to be afraid of walking home from the number three dog park in the country after dark.”



Source: The Safest Cities in Georgia, 2017 | National Council For Home Safety and Security



by Idya Realty March 24, 2017