New Construction

New Construction

New Construction is a viable option for first-time homebuyers and many others looking to buy a home. There are several advantages to choosing new constructions.

It is essential to understand why it is very important to work with a Realtor® when dealing with new construction! In addition, please understand most new construction homes and communities do not appear on the MLS for public viewing, most people stumble upon new communities while out-and-about. Contact Us to discuss what is available today!

Advantages of New Construction!

  • 1. Customization

    How many times have you been house hunting and said, “If only it had this instead of that”? With a new construction, the choice is yours!

  • 2. Brand New

    This means a lot. You won’t have to worry about a new roof, air conditioning, or water heater for a long time. You’ll also save on insurance as the house will be built to all the current housing codes, using the latest building technology.

  • 3. Energy Efficiency

    Not only will all the latest technologies be available to you, but the house will run more efficiently because it is new and without fault.

  • 4. Financing

    Builders often partner with mortgage brokers to offer closing incentives on their new homes, sometimes even if you prefer a third party for financing. Overall, the process is often easier and without hiccups!

Start Your Search!

Note: These are homes built in the last 2 years. Contact us for new homes and communities not on MLS yet!