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Whether you are ready to start looking for your first home or your third, when the time comes to submit an offer you’ll need to have a strong pre-approval letter from a reputable mortgage lender before a seller will take your offer seriously. In sellers markets, where competition amongst home buyers is high, your pre-approval is even more crucial. You should definitely speak to a Mortgage Lender BEFORE you start looking at homes so you know exactly how much home you can afford. In addition, I always advise it best to get your pre-approval done first so you do not waste time looking at homes, falling in love, and getting heart broken when it goes off the market or in event you discover it is outside of your price range. After all, you wouldn’t go shopping without bringing your wallet along, right?

Idya Realty works with, and is connected to, the top Mortgage Lenders in Atlanta. Fill out the form below and we will put you in touch with one of the top Mortgage Specialists in the city. Please use the Message section to specify how we can help you with your mortgage needs.


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