We understand homeownership is not easy. Sometimes life can throw you curveball you were not prepared for and things just do not seem to go your way thereafter. We are here to tell you that it is ok! Why? Because where there is a solution to your problem, there is no problem at all. Time is of the essence. You need to act fast to avoid foreclosure or a tax sale on your home.

Get Cash Offers Today - Avoid ForeclosureCounty property auctions occur the second Tuesday of every month where it will be either listed on Auction.com and or to live bidders at the courthouse steps. If no one has told you I can tell you today, a foreclosure on your credit report is much worse than your home being sold from under you. A foreclosure will negatively impact your credit for the next seven years! Seven years is a long time to go without being able to obtain the credit you need for your next home purchase, car purchase, student loans, debt consolidation, etc. If you were to obtain credit after a foreclosure your rates would be sky high!

A foreclosure in your credit report is typically looked at by lenders as very negative. It may not be as bad as bankruptcy, but not paying your mortgage and losing your house is very close.

The presence of a foreclosure on your credit report probably will make it difficult to obtain new credit at the best rates, especially if you also have problems with other credit accounts.

A foreclosure remains on your credit report seven years, so it will have a long-term effect on our creditworthiness. – Experian.com

In the event of a tax sale you could find yourself trying to pay tens of thousands of dollars to an investor PLUS interest to redeem your home within the first year of the tax note being sold. If you are unable to redeem your home then you would be subject to vacate the property.

Who We Are Not

Yes, scams and shady practices do exist in which people will try to stall and offer you less and less than what you owe closer to the auction date leaving you on the hook with the bank. Some people or companies will go as far asking for “application fees” and other upfront payments, meaning they are probably just trying to scam you. Legit real estate businesses take their cuts at the end.

How We Do It

Through our relationships we have been able to secure investment partners that will offer you cash for your home to help you avoid foreclosure or a tax sale. As licensed Georgia real estate agents we can assure you your home sale would be streamlined and documented appropriately.

Advantages of Our Fast Cash Buyers

Here are the advantages of securing your cash off today and partnering with us to sell your home:

  • All Cash
    • This means you will not be sweating out the buyer mortgage contingency. In some instances you may find yourself waiting up to 21 days for a buyer to obtain and secure financing and an additional contingency period awaiting the lender to appraise the property. In what can be a concurrent 30 days at most.
  • As-Is Purchase 
    • This means there is zero days of due diligence. You can eliminate the repair headaches that come along with a traditional resale. No back and forth on negotiating repairs or completing them.
  • Quick Closing
    • Our partners close fast because they aren’t waiting on financing approvals, inspections, appraisals and the like, and they typically pay all closing costs. A quick closing is important if want to avoid foreclosure and your home being sold at the county auction. They can close in as little as 3 days!

As real estate agents we are able to sell your home conventionally; however, we know there is not always time and there is the likelihood a deal falls apart because your home is not up to FHA standards, does not appraise due to needing excessive repairs, etc. and any wasted time by a buyer could put your home on the courthouse steps and leave you with nothing. We do not want that for you!

We prefer you to have a pleasurable experience and most importantly, avoid foreclosure and take away cash in-hand at the end of your sale. I cannot promise you a certain purchase amount or how much you will take away from the sale but I can promise that you will make money and be happy you avoided a credit blemishing foreclosure.

Getting Started

Contact us today for your FREE, no obligation consultation on selling your home for cash and avoiding foreclosure. I can promise you a cash offer to consider within 48 hours.


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