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We’ve highlighted six reasons why you should list your property with Idya Realty. You have a lot of options in the market, but your property has only one chance to make a first impression. We’re competent and experts in the fields of digital advertising and marketing, and we know real estate! Our lead agent is an expert in BIG BRAND advertising. Your home is a brand and we’ll treat it that way until it’s sold!

The worst outcome in choosing the wrong agent is getting in the Downward Spiral, yielding an often over-correction in pricing. What’s worse is these scenarios usually play out over years, creating exponential losses in capital maintaining the property, in addition to lost opportunity costs and the time value of money.

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Your property is unique and deserves the attention of high-caliber individuals. Yes, we can do that.


Idya Realty has a vast, global network of Agents / Brokers and high net-worth individuals interested in hearing about your property. We'll showcase it the right way so they can be there without being there. Our goal is SOLD!

Showcase Your Home

Professionally showcase your home in its best light.


Every facet and detail of your home in cinematic style hi-def photo and video. Our goal is to show your home in a way your buyer can be there without being there.

Target Your Buyer

Every home has a buyer. Find the right one!


We'll create a custom ad campaign best suited to get your home in front of your likely buyer. Income, Financial Interests, Investments, and more. This strategy is unique to Idya Realty.

Life Staging

Show your buyer their memories to come.


No one enjoys's seeing a cold, empty home. A puppy in the yard or kids in the pool will allow buyers to see themselves right at home.

Power of Palmerhouse

4th Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in Atlanta. SOLD is our goal.


90% of buyers see the home they will buy on the internet first. We can't control when or where they look but we can make sure we're there. Zillow, Truila and hundreds more.

Your New Address

Home is where the heart is. Everyone should experience that in person and online.


Your address, online. will make it easier for buyers to find and share your home, putting it in front of their network and so forth.

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