House hunting for your family? You should consider moving to one of the best cities to raise a family in Georgia. There is enough to consider as it is when moving; school rankings, crime rates, accessibility, and that’s hardly chipping at the list, right? “Job opportunities, personal-income growth and rising home values aren’t the only priorities […]

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Are you living in Georgia’s safest city? If you’re not you may be living in one of the other 49 cities that made the list of the possible 535 Georgia cities.

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Who ranked 3rd best city for first time homebuyers? You have made the decision to buy a home and you have begun thinking to yourself, “where do I look?”. Thanks to NerdWallet you now know John’s Creek is the only city in Georgia to clear the top 30. To come up with its list, NerdWallet reviewed 448 cities in […]

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John’s Creek ranks amongst most diverse cities in a 2017 national survey. For a small city John’s Creek is a pretty big deal! Today, it ranks #12 on the list of most diverse small U.S. cities, coming in just behind Ewa Gentry, HI. Studies show by the year 2044 America will be more colorful than ever […]

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